Unlisted apps

Description Updated
bencharp/armadietto Armadietto package for yunohost 1 days ago
artus40/djangoapp template django application for yunohost 7 days ago
artus40/cresus trying to package a django-cresus as a yunohost app 7 days ago
SimonMellerin/pilea Pilea package for Yunohost 13 days ago
ewilly/home-assistant 23 days ago
alexAubin/letsencrypt Automatically install let's encrypt certificate on Yunohost 28 days ago
YunoHost/example Example package for YunoHost applications. 37 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/moodle Moodle is a free, online Learning Management system https://moodle.org/ 42 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/sat Salut à Toi + Libervia, XMPP/Jabber client 43 days ago
pitchum/biboumi Biboumi package for Yunohost 46 days ago
frju365/selfoss Selfoss is a rss reader, live stream, mashup, aggregation web application 52 days ago
frju365/camo Image Protection Sharing for websites 52 days ago
Wilsas/embyserver A pathetic attempt to make an Emby app for Yunohost 70 days ago
alon7786/tvheadend 76 days ago
checkerindustrial/quick_pulse A webapp for recording listen habits, Pulses. 79 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/blogotext 94 days ago
H4M1/whcms YunoHost WHCMS 99 days ago
jledruide/kriss-feed KrISS Feed installation package for Yunohost 104 days ago
scith/kodiold Kodi media centre for YunoHost 122 days ago
labriqueinternet/doctorcube YunoHost app to cure already installed Cubes 128 days ago
frju365/mailtrain Mailing list software 131 days ago
e-lie/concerteur Yunohost app to install the server app from Le Concerteur project easily. 145 days ago
TakerMc/flood Flood package for Yunohost 155 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/tutao encrypted mail client 155 days ago
tuxmouraille/tvheadend Yunohost package to install Tvheadend on server 162 days ago
buzuck/mumble 163 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/testupgrade Test upgrade apps, for debug only 166 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/coquelicot [Not working] Coquelicot package for YunoHost. Coquelicot is a one-click file sharing web application with a focus on protecting users privacy. 170 days ago
massyas/prettynoemiecms PrettyNoemieCMS for yunohost 171 days ago
maniackcrudelis/modele Modèle de package pour Yunohost 171 days ago
frju365/prettynoemiecms 180 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/psitransfer Share files you want in a protected environnement. 184 days ago
Jibec/framaforms Framaforms for YunoHost 192 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/gekko Gekko is a free and open source Bitcoin TA trading and backtesting platform https://gekko.wizb.it/ 211 days ago
scith/zoterosync ZoteroSync for YunoHost (phpZoteroWebDAV) 212 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/runalyze Runalyze package for yunohost 213 days ago
Rafi594/gladys 233 days ago
maxleiko/proxy-pass YuNoHost app that creates an ngix proxy_pass for a specific domain.tld 248 days ago
danielschmalhofer/jitsi_meet Jitsi Meet for Yunohost 264 days ago
csolisr/airsonic 265 days ago
ZeJMaN/phpvirtualbox phpvirtualbox pour yunohost 268 days ago
kitoy30/radicale2 293 days ago
framasoft/wisemapping 306 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/wisemapping 313 days ago
ldidry/wisemapping 341 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/no_stretch This app prevent to upgrade to stretch by mistake 346 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/gogs_webhost This Yunohost App take an existing gogs repository and serve it with nginx 346 days ago
bleuchtang/torfilter Setup a Tor network wifi on your internet cube 351 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/mosquitto Mosquitto is a MQTT broker 356 days ago
frju365/fusionpbx 359 days ago
SylvainCecchetto/tvheadend 384 days ago
ObaniGemini/GRR GRR app integration to YunoHost 392 days ago
ObaniGemini/Snap Snap app integration to YunoHost 407 days ago
tuxmouraille/i2p 423 days ago
frju365/hublin Hublin Package 425 days ago
frju365/elgg 429 days ago
maniackcrudelis/piwik 451 days ago
scith/zotero Sync and access your Zotero library using YunoHost 474 days ago
zamentur/reflexlibre Application YunoHost permetant le suivi par ReflexLibre 479 days ago
Neutrinet/neutrinet configuration app for neutrinet's cube 486 days ago
chtixof/pgpback [kept for archives]Backup your PGP keys for Rainloop under Yunohost 509 days ago
cabbes/ReverseProxy reverse proxy for yunohost 512 days ago
scith/docker_template Template for Dockerized apps in YunoHost 523 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/wallabag Wallabag v1 package for YunoHost 531 days ago
magikcypress/telegram Telegram for YunoHost 542 days ago
gnouts/minecraftServer 542 days ago
Kloadut/cozy Cozy Package for YunoHost 557 days ago
ianbogda/seeddms SeedDMS for YunoHost 564 days ago
MidgetMob/ts3server TeamSpeak3 server package for YunoHost 573 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/rspamdui Web UI for rspamd 575 days ago
YunoHost/change_url_app app to test change_url script 585 days ago
frju365/traccar 585 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/freepbx 593 days ago
frju365/cumulusclips 601 days ago
tuxalex/ajenti_docker 607 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/ftssolr Full Text Search for IMAP via Solr 612 days ago
frju365/cronweb 626 days ago
Psycojoker/yolo 636 days ago
elaxouille/nodejs 639 days ago
yolateng0/Dolibarr Dolibarr Yunohost 640 days ago
polytan02/opendkim Basic single domain OpenDKIM for Yunohost 674 days ago
realitygaps/drupal Drupal for yunohost 697 days ago
NicolasPetton/drone 705 days ago
lordzurp/Linux-Dash Linux-Dash package for YunoHost 732 days ago
scith/cypht Cypth webmail for YunoHost 785 days ago
tuxmouraille/well-known 802 days ago
borisaka/taiga Taiga yunohost package 816 days ago
opi/testapp 818 days ago
ZeJMaN/guacamole Remote desktop gateway for Yunohost 826 days ago
quent57/igalerie iGalerie app for yunohost 854 days ago
Psycojoker/debug_stdin 860 days ago
inrepublica/teamspeak3 868 days ago
inrepublica/full-text-rss 871 days ago
Bouska/http2 883 days ago
Jadden/vanilla Package Yunohost du moteur de forum Vanilla Forum : https://vanillaforums.org 896 days ago
buzuck/piwik 908 days ago
tuxalex/syncthing_docker 916 days ago
geekariom/routing Routing and ethernet drivers 947 days ago
scith/invoiceninja Invoice Ninja for YunoHost 952 days ago
ZeJMaN/shinken shinken for Yunohost 954 days ago
tuxalex/btsync_docker Btsync app in docker container for yunohost dockerized or not 983 days ago
genma/Shaarli Shaarli pour Yunohost 997 days ago
scith/docker_odoo Dockerized Odoo for YunoHost 1004 days ago
davidba123/zarafa YunoHost for Zarafa Application 1006 days ago
yolateng0/Motd-Dynamic-Debian MOTD dynamic Debian Yunohost 1009 days ago
zamentur/django A skeleton app to host a Django Project 1052 days ago
mbugeia/codiad Codiad for yunohost 1086 days ago
raoulh/emoncms 1099 days ago
petit42/minigalnano 1111 days ago
scith/dyndns DynDNS client for YunoHost 1115 days ago
polytan02/dev_piwik dev piwik_ynh repo 1118 days ago
FormaLibre/claroline 1130 days ago
matlink/gplayweb 1140 days ago
stevenroose/taiga Taiga.io package for YunoHost 1143 days ago
julienmalik/openid-ldap OpenID-LDAP Yunohost application 1152 days ago
portanicolas/odoov8 Ceci est mon premier repository pour développer une application adapté à l'autohébergement sous Yunohost 1156 days ago
jesuisfol/yifypop 1156 days ago
polytan02/piwik 1164 days ago
naguirre/calaos Calaos Yunhost app 1165 days ago
scith/docker_shipyard Docker with Shipyard for YunoHost 1213 days ago
Canauos/Doyulink Link your docker containers and Yunohost to create easy access in Yunohost to your docker apps. 1215 days ago
olho/krissfeed 1257 days ago
tuxalex/respawn respawn for yunohost 1259 days ago
tuxalex/browsepass browsepass for yunohost 1259 days ago
tuxmouraille/motion 1279 days ago
olho/Painter Installer --- Painter is a simple webapp for drawing based on HTML5 Canvas 1290 days ago
olho/rssbridge 1290 days ago
scith/csleditor CSL Editor for YunoHost 1298 days ago
SocialaMe/sociala Sociala.Me Package for YunoHost servers 1303 days ago
Kloadut/oranjeproxy OranjeProxy package for YunoHost 1307 days ago
scith/otranscribe oTranscribe for YunoHost 1309 days ago
mmalaaksonen/minecraft-spigot A YunoHost app that installs a minecraft server onto the YunoHost platform. 1311 days ago
bxav/ezpublish 1312 days ago
lunarok/lbcalerte 1312 days ago
str8biz/reverseproxy Simple reverse proxy app for Yunohost 1334 days ago
bxav/orocrm 1344 days ago
anaqreon/redmatrix YunoHost app installer for the Red Matrix 1345 days ago
opi/anarchism Yunohost implementation of the debian anarchism package 1354 days ago
drfred1981/nexus 1412 days ago
novakin/rtorrent 1416 days ago
zamentur/files_ether_docs_owncloud Package YunoHost that include in Owncloud instance a menu to create etherpad and ethercalc 1436 days ago
mbugeia/esotalk esoTalk for Yunohost 1446 days ago
lunarok/camera 1453 days ago
jesuisfol/deluge 1460 days ago
mikangali/kiwix 1467 days ago
julienmalik/lynis Lynis for Yunohost 1471 days ago
anaqreon/pump 1490 days ago
lunarok/htpc HTPC Manager application for Yunohost 1529 days ago
drfred1981/ajenti 1546 days ago
mbugeia/photoshow PhotoShow for Yunohost 1549 days ago
jesuisfol/openphoto 1553 days ago
lunarok/squeezebox Squeezebox for Yunohost 1680 days ago
julienmalik/caldavzap CalDAVZap for Yunohost 1744 days ago
titoko/reverse 1782 days ago