Unlisted apps

Description Updated
ericgaspar/grocy 0 days ago
ericgaspar/nitter 0 days ago
ericgaspar/etherpad-lite 2 days ago
ericgaspar/rc 6 days ago
ericgaspar/darkwire 8 days ago
Josue-T/riot Riot packaged for yunohost 9 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/privatebin PrivateBin package for YunoHost 9 days ago
YunoHost/example Example package for YunoHost applications. 12 days ago
tituspijean/zerotier ZeroTier networking app for YunoHost 13 days ago
ericgaspar/matterbridge 21 days ago
ericgaspar/mumble-web 21 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/luckysheet Luckysheet package for YunoHost 23 days ago
lpoujade/docker_registry 30 days ago
ericgaspar/scratch-gui 31 days ago
ericgaspar/uwazi 37 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/minecraft Minecraft app for YunoHost 37 days ago
ericgaspar/streamhut 42 days ago
ericgaspar/mw 45 days ago
ericgaspar/synapse-admin 49 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/ipfs 51 days ago
ericgaspar/dispatch 51 days ago
ericgaspar/koel 51 days ago
ericgaspar/PM 53 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/vintagestory Vintage Story app for YunoHost 58 days ago
donotos/kodexplorer Kodexplorer for Yunohost 65 days ago
ericgaspar/excalidraw 72 days ago
ericgaspar/rallly 76 days ago
ericgaspar/whalebird 77 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/phpinfo 77 days ago
ericgaspar/luckysheet 82 days ago
plopoyop/wg-gen-web Yunohost package for a simple Web based configuration generator for WireGuard 96 days ago
mdphoto/flectrahq FlectraHQ on Yunohost 97 days ago
lolusab/mautic 99 days ago
Kloadut/shout Web IRC client 99 days ago
artlog/trivabble integration of trivabble game into yunohost 107 days ago
kuba-orlik/wallabag-kindle-consumer 137 days ago
enamaryn/virtualbox 137 days ago
dr41nU/csv-importer CSV Importer webapp yunohost scripts for use alongside with Firefly III app 145 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/emby Emby Server package for YunoHost 146 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/teamspeak-3 146 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/matterbridge Matterbridge package for YunoHost 155 days ago
tituspijean/deconz deCONZ + Phoscon app for YunoHost 163 days ago
ericgaspar/2048 168 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/helloworld A simple, dummy, basic app to illustrate how YunoHost packaging works 168 days ago
clecle226/YunoGuard UI WireGuard for YunoHost 171 days ago
dataiku/dataiku_dss Dataiku DSS package for YunoHost 175 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/scratch Scratch app for YunoHost 178 days ago
Tyrrus/sickchill 179 days ago
bpetit/isso Yunohost package for isso self-hostable commenting server. 186 days ago
Gredin67/matrix-whatsapp Matrix Whatsapp pupetting bridge for Yunohost 191 days ago
inrepublica/full-text-rss 198 days ago
groblochon/deplacement-covid-19 Générateur de certificat de déplacement pour yunohost (BETA !) 198 days ago
roukydesbois/youtube-dl-flask-webui Yunohost package for https://github.com/d0u9/youtube-dl-webui 207 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/kibana 255 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/bookstack BookStack app for YunoHost 266 days ago
Tropicao/octoprint Octoprint package for Yunohost 269 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/awx 272 days ago
bendia-/domoticz_bin Domoticz package for yunohost from upstream binaries 320 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/squash-tm Squash-TM for YunoHost 329 days ago
tituspijean/geneweb 331 days ago
ssavinel/drone 347 days ago
alexAubin/lxc Install LXC container inside Yunohost 354 days ago
novakin/plexmediaserver PlexMediaServer for Yunohost 362 days ago
sy6sy2/homebridge Homebridge package for YunoHost 367 days ago
ahstro/gathio YunoHost package for gathio 379 days ago
inkskull/tiddlywiki tiddlywiki integration for yunohost 385 days ago
pbillerot/alexa_pi Package YunoHost - Alexa Python pour RaspberryPI 405 days ago
Cryptoclysm/yunohostkimai2latest Intended as a personal fix to get yunohost to run the latest version of kimai2. I will not accept any issues or requests to this repository - this is an unofficial clone of the outdated https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/kimai2_ynh so instead commit there. Under the same MIT License as the linked repository. 426 days ago
lunarok/camera 441 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/ore ORE is a script for building a website containing information about buying, renting, selling 442 days ago
ahstro/standardfile (Was going to be a) Standard File package for YunoHost (but was abandoned because Nextcloud Notes) 469 days ago
czen/guacamole_docker Guacamole for Yunohost via docker 538 days ago
ZeJMaN/guacamole Remote desktop gateway for Yunohost 540 days ago
kitoy30/radicale2 550 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/centreon Centreon app for YunoHost 588 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/spip2 Spip2 for YunoHost 589 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/jdownloader JDownloader app for YunoHost 589 days ago
Psycojoker/display_text fake app to test a feature in yunohost 589 days ago
maniackcrudelis/modele Modèle de package pour Yunohost 594 days ago
bachy/zulip 611 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/xdownloader XDownloader for YunoHost 612 days ago
manuc66/testdotnet Test ASP.NET Core hosting on Yunohost 632 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/testupgrade Test upgrade apps, for debug only 633 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/papercut 652 days ago
lunarok/squeezebox Squeezebox for Yunohost 686 days ago
zamentur/ajaxgoogleapis A mirror of Google Apis for YunoHost 712 days ago
artus40/djangoapp template django application for yunohost 743 days ago
ewilly/home-assistant 759 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/libresonic libresonic_ynh 763 days ago
Wilsas/embyserver A pathetic attempt to make an Emby app for Yunohost 806 days ago
H4M1/whcms YunoHost WHMCS 835 days ago
e-lie/concerteur Yunohost app to install the server app from Le Concerteur project easily. 881 days ago
TakerMc/flood Flood package for Yunohost 891 days ago
labriqueinternet/DEPRECATED-doctorcube YunoHost app to cure already installed Cubes 909 days ago
Rafi594/gladys 969 days ago
danielschmalhofer/jitsi_meet Jitsi Meet for Yunohost 1000 days ago
ZeJMaN/phpvirtualbox phpvirtualbox pour yunohost 1004 days ago
zamentur/reflexlibre Application YunoHost permetant le suivi par ReflexLibre 1065 days ago
ObaniGemini/Snap Snap app integration to YunoHost 1139 days ago
tuxmouraille/i2p 1159 days ago
frju365/elgg 1165 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/wallabag Wallabag v1 package for YunoHost 1181 days ago
maniackcrudelis/piwik 1187 days ago
scith/zotero Sync and access your Zotero library using YunoHost 1210 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/no_stretch This app prevent to upgrade to stretch by mistake 1220 days ago
chtixof/pgpback [kept for archives]Backup your PGP keys for Rainloop under Yunohost 1245 days ago
magikcypress/telegram Telegram for YunoHost 1259 days ago
gnouts/minecraftServer 1278 days ago
ianbogda/seeddms SeedDMS for YunoHost 1300 days ago
YunoHost/change_url_app app to test change_url script 1321 days ago
frju365/cronweb 1344 days ago
alexAubin/letsencrypt Automatically install let's encrypt certificate on Yunohost 1358 days ago
jonathanschulberger/ts3server TeamSpeak3 server package for YunoHost 1371 days ago
Psycojoker/yolo 1372 days ago
polytan02/webapp_multi Webapp multi instances for yunohost 1373 days ago
elaxouille/nodejs 1375 days ago
polytan02/opendkim Basic single domain OpenDKIM for Yunohost 1410 days ago
NicolasPetton/drone 1441 days ago
maxleiko/proxy-pass YuNoHost app that creates an ngix proxy_pass for a specific domain.tld 1456 days ago
tuxalex/syncthing_docker 1462 days ago
enayfuos/odoo Odoo app for yunohost 1478 days ago
scith/cypht Cypth webmail for YunoHost 1520 days ago
scith/kodiold Kodi media centre for YunoHost 1549 days ago
borisaka/taiga Taiga yunohost package 1552 days ago
beudbeud/etherpadlite 1564 days ago
Kloadut/oranjeproxy OranjeProxy package for YunoHost 1573 days ago
ldidry/apticron 1580 days ago
quent57/igalerie iGalerie app for yunohost 1587 days ago
Psycojoker/debug_stdin 1596 days ago
Bouska/http2 1601 days ago
inrepublica/teamspeak3 1604 days ago
surfpat/mediagoblin GNU MediaGoblin for YunoHost 1607 days ago
Jadden/vanilla Package Yunohost du moteur de forum Vanilla Forum : https://vanillaforums.org 1630 days ago
buzuck/piwik 1644 days ago
tuxalex/btsync_docker Btsync app in docker container for yunohost dockerized or not 1650 days ago
geekariom/routing Routing and ethernet drivers 1683 days ago
bleuchtang/torfilter Setup a Tor network wifi on your internet cube 1696 days ago
davidba123/zarafa YunoHost for Zarafa Application 1712 days ago
scith/docker_odoo Dockerized Odoo for YunoHost 1740 days ago
petit42/minigalnano 1821 days ago
mbugeia/codiad Codiad for yunohost 1822 days ago
tuxalex/ajenti_docker 1834 days ago
raoulh/emoncms 1835 days ago
IsserTerrus/filebin Filebin fork of ZeroBin of SebSauvage 1844 days ago
scith/dyndns DynDNS client for YunoHost 1851 days ago
polytan02/dev_piwik dev piwik_ynh repo 1854 days ago
Kloadut/cozy Cozy Package for YunoHost 1855 days ago
finster-/odoo Odoo for YunoHost 1859 days ago
FormaLibre/claroline 1866 days ago
matlink/gplayweb 1876 days ago
naguirre/calaos Calaos Yunhost app 1901 days ago
tuxmouraille/well-known 1902 days ago
scith/docker_template Template for Dockerized apps in YunoHost 1949 days ago
scith/docker_shipyard Docker with Shipyard for YunoHost 1949 days ago
polytan02/piwik 1992 days ago
tuxalex/respawn respawn for yunohost 1995 days ago
tuxalex/browsepass browsepass for yunohost 1995 days ago
tuxmouraille/motion 2015 days ago
olho/Painter Installer --- Painter is a simple webapp for drawing based on HTML5 Canvas 2026 days ago
olho/krissfeed 2026 days ago
olho/rssbridge 2026 days ago
scith/csleditor CSL Editor for YunoHost 2034 days ago
mat-mo/shout shout IRC package for Yunohost 2037 days ago
scith/otranscribe oTranscribe for YunoHost 2045 days ago
bxav/ezpublish 2048 days ago
str8biz/reverseproxy Simple reverse proxy app for Yunohost 2070 days ago
bxav/orocrm 2080 days ago