Unlisted apps

Description Updated
YunoHost-Apps/rallly 2 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/homer Homer package for YunoHost 23 days ago
eldertek/xnbtd Paquet Yunohost pour xNBTD, application de gestion pour entreprise de livraison. 39 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/mautrix_googlechat Matrix Google Chat pupetting bridge for YunoHost 55 days ago
exituser/keycloak 57 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/resetssh A special package to reset your SSH config via webadmin if you broke it 84 days ago
beudbeud/etherpadlite 99 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/stylo 108 days ago
tonytins/dotnet 121 days ago
woLiii/pterodactyl2_ 123 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/immich Self-hosted photo and video backup solution directly from your mobile phone. 128 days ago
Marc-Flender/webdav Webdav configuration for Yunohost 130 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/pydisaur Pydisaur package for YunoHost. 153 days ago
YunoHost-Apps/answer Answer package fot YunoHost 153 days ago
k3vg3n/dev 162 days ago
NoUserNameAvailable/restic_s3 190 days ago
charcharchra/wordpress74 228 days ago
ericgaspar/stylo 254 days ago