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Title Created Labels
install_script-50 [fix] Ask user for keeping or not sshd config small important opinion needed
yunohost-585 Group permission big depends on other PR important test needed work needed
doc-587 Proposition de formulation neutre sur l'index. enhancement inactive opinion needed dying
yunohost-admin-220 Do not fail miserably if we don't have proper json during error 500 small opinion needed ready to merge
SSOwat-113 Add warning message about yunohost version being obsolete small opinion needed ready to merge
yunohost-admin-219 Add a warning on home page about YunoHost's version being obsolete small opinion needed ready to merge
yunohost-admin-217 Don't run initial checks each time home page is displayed small opinion needed ready to merge
install_script-54 Remove postinstall and instead print a text explaining what to do and pointing to the documentation small opinion needed ready to merge
apps-627 [fix] Burry some package with no plan to be maintained small opinion needed
moulinette-182 Make sure `gpg.encrypt` actually does something small opinion needed
yunohost-549 [enh] allows to have several domains/path per app small opinion needed work needed dying
yunohost-535 Python hooks small opinion needed
yunohost-480 Decouple the regen-conf mechanism from services medium opinion needed work needed
example_ynh-52 Remove ini file for php dying
yunohost-admin-208 Replace pacman with nyancat 8) dying
build.yunohost.org-3 [fix] Dead Links dying
apps-556 Update from Weblate. dying
apps-553 ihatemoney app has been fixed pending dying
apps-539 Update from Weblate. dying
ynh-dev-23 Prosody: modify symlink path for module small ready to merge dying
doc-473 [enh] migration from Metronome to Prosody small depends on other PR dying
apps-641 Add calibreweb
apps-640 Modify level
moulinette-186 Create possiblity to add an preaction
yunohost-599 Check migration before yunohost operation
doc-876 [enh] Improve admin doc
example_ynh-54 [enh] Update install and documentation
moulinette-183 Use sasl authentication for LDAP (by root user)
yunohost-561 Use getops work needed dying
yunohost-534 [wip] New diagnosis system medium work needed dying
moulinette-169 Convert bool-like string arguments to actual bool
yunohost-531 [wip] Backup repository work needed dying
yunohost-admin-207 [fix] Try something to be independent from github small
yunohost-526 Hook return small
yunohost-525 Add yunohost.multimedia helpers helper work needed dying
yunohost-521 Add ynh_check_app_version_changed helper work needed dying
yunohost-517 [enh] Hooks for custom DNS confs small depends on other PR
apps-555 Update from Weblate.
apps-499 Update from Weblate.
install_script-45 Handle Prosody installation and remove metronome relics small work needed dying
doc-541 Ajout dans la partie postinstall small work needed dying
moulinette-172 [enh] Migrate moulinette to python 3 big work needed
yunohost-admin-209 [WIP] New diagnosis interface work needed
yunohost-352 [enh] Nameserver rotate small depends on other PR work needed
yunohost-474 [mod] display backup location small inactive work needed
yunohost-455 [enh] Control the login shell when creating users in ynh_system_user_create small helper inactive work needed
yunohost-442 [fix] Don't backup cron files small depends on other PR postponed work needed
yunohost-376 [fix] Do not modify the settings too soon in change_url small inactive work needed
yunohost-364 [enh] Add fail2ban helpers small helper postponed work needed