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Title Created Labels
yunohost-1487 [enh] Add level 0 bullseye apps to disclaimer important micro dying
yunohost-531 [wip] Backup location :building_construction: Major project important postponed work needed dying
yunohost-1019 Get rid of unecessary apt/php dependency helper (follow-up of #1018) opinion needed tests needed dying
doc-1757 Transfer the homepage to Grav opinion needed work needed
yunohost-1534 Fix OCSP stapling ... but using Google resolver :| dying
package_check-130 Implement LXD helper dying
metronome-25 Upgrade Metronome codebase to 4.0.1 dying
example_ynh-195 Document php extra php fpm.conf dying
moulinette-324 [fix] CORS Prefech OPTIONS dying
yunohost-admin-456 Force upgrade in web UI dying
arm-images-14 WIP: Update Yunohost bullseye Hardware :gear: Software :chains: dying
example_ynh-187 Rewrite updater.sh -> .py. Remove redundant info in updater.yml. dying
arm-images-12 Yunohost bullseye c:u-boot c:kernel c:build script c:cli c:ci dying
package_linter-103 Change web applications location policy dying
yunohost-1443 [fix] Avoid to delete --is-big unbackuped directories dying
yunohost-1432 Removes nginx Content-Security-Policy overrides dying
SSOwat-199 WIP: Epic refactoring for new portal API etc dying
yunohost-1384 [enh] Tweak umask for SFTP dying
doc-1799 Migrating from old mail provider to Yunohost: add isync/mbsync chapter and config dying
yunohost-1322 Password reset and subscription :building_construction: Major project dying
doc-1755 packaging_apps: some correction + add ui-tabs depends on other PR dying
install_script-68 Drop avahi hack assuming we remove dependency to avahi-daemon dying
doc-1726 [WIP] DNS autoconf feature documentation dying
dynette-13 Bump addressable from 2.3.4 to 2.8.0 dependencies dying
doc-1717 Add smartypants extension to enhance typography dying
yunohost-1253 [enh] Be able to use postfix as a backup mx hosts dying
cd_build-13 [enh] Allow non-free for proprietary driver for network dying
doc-1680 OSx Big Sur VirtualBox YunoHost image load error+solution dying
doc-1679 Note about smtp.relay.password and ASCII only dying
doc-1677 Update email_configure_relay.md dying
SSOwat-181 POC: be able to bypass permissions using an admin token dying
yunohost-1165 [xmpp] setup http_upload_external xmpp dying
doc-1539 [Anonymous contrib] Adaptation du tuto suite à cette discussion: https://forum.yunohost.org/t/nextcloud-suivi-du-tutoriel-officiel-plus-dacces-aux-fichiers/10844 dying
moulinette-265 [enh] add a msignal.file_display capability for cli small test needed dying
doc-1410 [Anonymous contrib] full stack IP + CIFS obsolete dying
doc-1347 [Anonymous contrib] Added Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean ISPs (I'm having trouble running an email server from DO and landed on this page from diagnostics) dying
doc-1343 Integrate Genma's post about automatic emails dying
yunohost-977 [helper] App users ldap duplicate dying
yunohost-admin-293 Also consider "active" service to be green dying
install_script-63 Manage repo before upgrade dying
doc-1173 Adding a use-case for decentralised movemets dying
package_linter-77 Add ability to create issues on Github repo that will flag the app as broken or low quality dying
SSOwat-119 Fix ynhpanel.js access in unprotected case dying
apps-1622 Update app levels according to CI results
yunohost-1574 Translations update from Weblate
yunohost-1573 [CI] Reformat / remove stale translated strings
package_check-136 Add metrics measurements to tests runs
yunohost-admin-503 Translations update from Weblate
yunohost-1571 POC Typer fastapi
SSOwat-210 Translations update from Weblate
doc-2198 Add FreeIPA M$ Active-Directory Domain-Controller
moulinette-329 Translations update from Weblate
yunohost-1564 [fix] Missing migration
yunohost-admin-499 build(deps): bump json5 and @vue/cli-service in /app dependencies
yunohost-1559 [fix] Enable pop3 settings make dovecot failed micro
example_ynh-198 Create application log directory in restore
doc-2177 restauration complète durant la post-intall
yunohost-1551 Add a global setting to disable root login on local network
ynh-dev-67 Vite
yunohost-admin-496 build(deps): bump ejs and @vue/cli-service in /app dependencies
doc-2162 [WIP] Rework the app packaging doc
yunohost-admin-492 Vue3 migration
doc-2131 Add manifestv2 doc + autogenerated app resource doc
doc-2062 Developper doc
apps-1439 Add Fipamo to catalog pending
yunohost-1451 Add a global setting for DNS exposure given the IP version
package_check-117 Add script to run package check via Vagrant in a VirtualBox
example_ynh-179 WIP: Manifest/packaging v2
yunohost-1387 WIP : New portal API to partially replace SSOwat :building_construction: Major project
yunohost-admin-415 [enh] add --purge option in app uninstall modal
yunohost-1238 allow cert installation when failing diagnostics are ignored work needed dying
yunohost-1204 [fix] Several long-standing issues with UPnP port forwarding work needed dying
yunohost-1034 [zsh] Addition of a completion script automatically generated work needed dying
yunohost-941 Support all kind of systemd units work needed dying
yunohost-815 WIP: Allow system users to auth on the mail stack and send emails work needed duplicate dying
yunohost-1533 Create sysctl.conf work needed
yunohost-1484 [wip] Enable CORS on API work needed
yunohost-1475 Dyndns recovery password + DNS autopush mechanism work needed
yunohost-1471 [enh] Use multiple servers behind get_public_ip to prevent a single point of failure when ip.yunohost.org is down work needed
yunohost-1180 [wip] add wildcard domains work needed