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Title Created Labels
yunohost-585 Group permission big depends on other PR important tests needed
moulinette-172 [enh] Migrate moulinette to python 3 big important work needed dying
yunohost-admin-232 Remove appslist management from webadmin medium opinion needed
SSOwat-122 Theming reloaded medium opinion needed
yunohost-admin-225 Add support for featured community apps enhancement opinion needed
yunohost-623 [enh] external http checker fallback for LE checks small tests needed dying
moulinette-189 Update doc for group and permission dying
moulinette-186 Create possiblity to add an preaction dying
yunohost-599 Check migration before yunohost operation dying
yunohost-525 Add yunohost.multimedia helpers app helpers dying
apps-539 Update from Weblate. dying
ynh-dev-23 Prosody: modify symlink path for module small depends on other PR dying
apps-728 Update app's level
yunohost-admin-233 Don't use version for cache control
SSOwat-133 Theming reloaded userinfo
doc-959 [Anonymous contrib] Time4vps has created a template for Yunohost one click install for there VPS(KVM and OpenVZ7).
apps-727 list_builder.py backward compatibility : split apps-build.json to community and official
package_linter-66 Improve path traversal issue detection with proper nginx conf parser
SSOwat-131 Theming reloaded smallfixes
yunohost-691 [enh] Avoid to send simultaneously too much emails small reviews needed
doc-957 Document theming mechanism depends on other PR
yunohost-690 Update from Weblate
SSOwat-130 Update from Weblate
yunohost-admin-231 Update from Weblate
moulinette-196 Update from Weblate
yunohost-689 [enh] Nginx conf tweaks for theme
yunohost-687 Dump ynh log if an app script fails app helpers reviews needed
yunohost-685 Escape all shell metacharacters in eval small
yunohost-683 Escape $ in getopts
package_check-54 Update conf lxc
SSOwat-126 Vapor95
yunohost-682 Script to generate manpages - Fix #284
apps-720 Request for high_quality tag
apps-719 Request adoption for Official Apps
yunohost-678 [WIP] [enh] bash completion for yunohost cli small reviews needed tests needed
yunohost-674 [enh] Support php versions in ynh_add_fpm_config app helpers merging soon™
apps-715 Add warning about non-free app listing
apps-714 Add anarchism app
example_ynh-77 Normalizing url ain't needed anymore
apps-707 Remove spip2, upstream unmaintained, people should move to spip 3...
yunohost-670 [enh] Check that required services are up before running app install and upgrade small reviews needed
doc-942 add a paragraph on cipher setting configuration depends on other PR
yunohost-668 Remove nistpxxx curve
example_ynh-75 PR to not have misunderstanding between db_user and db_name
yunohost-667 [fix] adding a new test in case the info.json file exists but not the tar and vice versa
yunohost-666 Migrate to apps.json reviews needed
yunohost-665 Use apps.json as default list reviews needed
package_linter-55 Add shellcheck check
apps-695 [enh] ensure that all apps in lists is ok
CI_package_check-13 Get apps from apps.json instead of community and official
yunohost-659 [fix] Do not use colors if the terminal doesn't support them app helpers
yunohost-653 [enh] Decouple the regen-conf mechanism from services medium reviews needed
SSOwat-119 Fix ynhpanel.js access in unprotected case
yunohost-640 [enh] use setting security_ciphers_compatibility to define security configu… small merging soon™ reviews needed
yunohost-631 First simple implementation to allow to set custom theming of yunohost.
yunohost-606 Add possibility to restrict the user allowed to access by sftp depends on other PR
moulinette-183 Use sasl authentication for LDAP (by root user)
yunohost-549 [enh] allows to have several domains/path per app small work needed dying
yunohost-admin-209 [WIP] New diagnosis interface work needed dying
yunohost-534 [wip] New diagnosis system medium work needed dying
yunohost-531 [wip] Backup location medium work needed dying
yunohost-517 [enh] Hooks to allow apps to extend the recommended DNS configuration small merging soon™ reviews needed
apps-556 Update from Weblate.
apps-555 Update from Weblate.
apps-499 Update from Weblate.
install_script-45 Handle Prosody installation and remove metronome relics small work needed dying
doc-541 Ajout dans la partie postinstall small work needed dying
yunohost-352 [enh] Nameserver rotate small depends on other PR work needed dying
doc-960 Add high_quality and featured apps into the doc work needed
yunohost-692 [heavy-wip] Rework tools_update and tools_upgrade medium reviews needed tests needed work needed
yunohost-621 [enh] Generate custom Diffie-Hellman primes tests needed work needed
yunohost-admin-207 [fix] Try something to be independent from github small work needed
yunohost-535 Python hooks small postponed
doc-587 Proposition de formulation neutre sur l'index. enhancement inactive dying
yunohost-474 [mod] display backup location small inactive work needed dying
yunohost-442 [fix] Don't backup cron files small depends on other PR postponed work needed dying