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Title Created Labels
yunohost-admin-268 [fix] Progress bars in logs top bar are confusing bug important micro decision
doc-1071 Support aide au nouveaux et nouvelles contributrices opinion needed
moulinette-216 Simplify auth mechanism opinion needed
yunohost-admin-209 [enh] New diagnosis interface medium opinion needed test needed
yunohost-780 [mod] Remove deprecated helpers while still supporting them through hacky patching app helpers reviews needed dying
yunohost-778 [enh] Rebuild applist system and make it future proof reviews needed dying
yunohost-admin-255 [fix] Display other system logs dying
example_ynh-101 issue_template.md dying
example_ynh-99 Remove reference to Jessie CI ? :| dying
SSOwat-139 Adding new theme Unsplash forek from "Clouds" small test needed dying
example_ynh-98 Very little fix of synthaxe dying
doc-1014 [Anonymous contrib] How to set an IP adress in Fail2ban whitelist dying
example_ynh-96 Backup before changing url. dying
yunohost-admin-250 [mod] reverse log order dying
tartiflette-5 Trying to fix the maintainer page. dying
doc-959 [Anonymous contrib] Time4vps has created a template for Yunohost one click install for there VPS(KVM and OpenVZ7). dying
package_linter-66 Improve path traversal issue detection with proper nginx conf parser dying
SSOwat-126 Vapor95 dying
yunohost-668 Remove nistpxxx curve dying
package_linter-55 Add shellcheck check dying
apps-695 [enh] ensure that all apps in lists is ok dying
yunohost-659 [fix] Do not use colors if the terminal doesn't support them app helpers dying
SSOwat-119 Fix ynhpanel.js access in unprotected case dying
yunohost-631 First simple implementation to allow to set custom theming of yunohost. dying
yunohost-606 Add possibility to restrict the user allowed to access by sftp reviews needed dying
apps-556 Update from Weblate. dying
apps-555 Update from Weblate. dying
apps-539 Update from Weblate. dying
apps-499 Update from Weblate. dying
yunohost-admin-267 Advertise documentation, support and donations in footer
apps-841 Modify level
yunohost-824 Remove app_debug, unused stuff / not really relevant
doc-1118 Update app catalog page
example_ynh-103 For god sake please stop writing "$app for YunoHost" in the description
doc-1117 Updating list of apps_framasoft
doc-1115 Translated email client configuration documentation to spanish
doc-1114 Translated changes to english page to french
doc-1113 Improved a bit doc assuming that email clients should configure themselves automatically
yunohost-823 Language reworked 2
yunohost-admin-264 Remove the appslist system from the webadmin
yunohost-admin-263 Remove the whole monitoring / glances stuff
yunohost-821 Remove the whole monitoring / glances stuff
yunohost-admin-262 Code refactoring and readability improvements
yunohost-818 Update the email regex so it accept the '+' sign.
apps-828 WIP: Integrate app categories into the app catalog
yunohost-815 WIP: Allow system users to auth on the mail stack and send emails
yunohost-813 [fix] Psql user should own the database
install_script-59 [fix] Manage the case where there is no en_US locale commented
yunohost-812 [enh] Add some advice about a strange locale problem with postgresql micro decision
yunohost-805 Simplify madness code about checking requirements
project-organization-71 Language reworked
yunohost-admin-260 [mod] rename parameters according to changes in cli/core for ux
yunohost-796 Maindomain ux feedback small merging soon™
doc-1070 Draft of documentation for groups and permissions
yunohost-791 Add pop3.enabled setting small
yunohost-admin-257 Add permission and group management
moulinette-220 Use Black in Moulinette
yunohost-784 Propagate change on LDAP conf / authenticator depends on other PR
yunohost-758 [fix] moulinette logs were never displayed #lol small merging soon™
yunohost-751 [enh] allow to have arguments in manifest for the remove script small work needed dying
SSOwat-133 Support for userinfo json work needed dying
yunohost-667 [fix] adding a new test in case the info.json file exists but not the tar and vice versa work needed dying
yunohost-623 [enh] external http checker fallback for LE checks small tests needed work needed dying
yunohost-534 [enh] New diagnosis system medium reviews needed tests needed
yunohost-531 [wip] Backup location medium work needed dying
yunohost-525 Add yunohost.multimedia helpers app helpers work needed dying
yunohost-352 [enh] Nameserver rotate small work needed dying
yunohost-777 [enh] Display other system logs work needed
yunohost-773 [enh] Allow admin to specify an smtp relay small work needed
yunohost-756 Fix ynh_check_app_version_changed behavior app helpers work needed
yunohost-621 [enh] Generate custom Diffie-Hellman primes reviews needed tests needed work needed
yunohost-549 [enh] allows to have several domains/path per app small work needed
yunohost-admin-207 [fix] Try something to be independent from github small work needed
yunohost-770 [mod] more permissive email regex small postponed dying
doc-587 Proposition de formulation neutre sur l'index. enhancement inactive dying
yunohost-746 Update nginx ciphers (requires Buster) depends on other PR postponed work needed
yunohost-474 [mod] display backup location small inactive work needed dying
yunohost-442 [fix] Don't backup cron files small postponed work needed dying