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Title Created Labels
doc-738 [enh] Add doc about log registration feature small opinion needed dying
package_linter-39 Add dependencies consistency check opinion needed work_needed dying
apps-518 [enh] Put HEAD if a testing branch exist small opinion needed dying
yunohost-480 Decouple the regen-conf mechanism from services medium opinion needed dying
yunohost-463 [enh] Add ynh_render_template helper to render templates with jinja2 small helper opinion needed dying
yunohost-455 [enh] Control the login shell when creating users in ynh_system_user_create small helper opinion needed dying
example_ynh-46 use ynh_add_systemd_config and doublequotes small opinion needed dying
yunohost-383 [enh] Add ynh_info helper for app scripts small helper opinion needed dying
moulinette-155 [enh] Optionnal stdinfo communication channel when running commands medium/standard decision opinion needed dying
yunohost-374 [Fix] Adresse de rebond différente du domaine principal. small opinion needed dying
yunohost-364 [enh] Add fail2ban helpers helper opinion needed dying
yunohost-352 [enh] Nameserver rotate small opinion needed dying
ynh-dev-30 [enh] Be able to select which test executes small opinion needed ready to merge dying
moulinette-168 Dont crash on failed to format translation string small opinion needed ready to merge
yunohost-512 Better error path conflict small opinion needed ready to merge
SSOwat-102 [enh] Add PCRE regex support small opinion needed
yunohost-453 [enh] Local cache when using ynh_setup_source helper opinion needed work needed dying
yunohost-442 [fix] Don't backup cron files small opinion needed work needed dying
yunohost-437 [enh] Update SSL ciphers in nginx configuration small opinion needed test needed work needed dying
yunohost-331 [fix] Attempt to fix Sender Rewriting Scheme with postsrsd small opinion needed ready to merge
yunohost-240 XMPP server migration from metronome to Prosody 0.10 medium opinion needed
yunohost-admin-130 Web interface for journal new features small opinion needed
yunohost-165 journals/operational logs medium opinion needed ready to merge
SSOwat-100 Replacing Hige by Lustache dying
package_linter-38 Check usage of some helpers for dependencies and unix commands work_needed dying
yunohost-436 [enh] Improve SSHd config / ciphers dying
doc-587 Proposition de formulation neutre sur l'index. dying
SSOwat-92 1º Let the admin choose if the passwords should be overwriten using crypt; 2º minor fixes dying
ynh-dev-34 Small changes to support Windows/Busybox dying
yunohost-345 Common ssh keys operations support medium dying
SSOwat-78 Logging by sidddy small dying
ynh-dev-23 Prosody: modify symlink path for module small ready to merge dying
doc-473 [enh] migration from Metronome to Prosody small depends on other PR dying
ynh-dev-21 Adding support for 32 bit boxes (and 32 bit OSes) small work need dying
package_check-6 Deux points bloquants sur l'installation de container de test dying
build.yunohost.org-3 Remove vagrant + Upgrade everything.
example_ynh-51 Fix typos
yunohost-513 More agressive deprecation messages for app checkurl and initdb small
doc-776 [Anonymous contrib] Chat web ne fonctionne pas, pidgin ne se connecte pas. Matrix n'est pas forcemment connu mais ajoute 1 lien direct sur Riot.
yunohost-511 Add su directive as option for logroate
doc-769 [Anonymous contrib] I added Matomo (please contact me if you want to package it. I'm pleased to be able to help)
doc-768 [Anonymous contrib] création d'une page de documentation expliquant l’installation de colabora avec Nextcloud
doc-764 [Anonymous contrib] Ajout de samba.
apps-556 Update from Weblate.
apps-555 Update from Weblate.
apps-553 ihatemoney app has been fixed pending
apps-539 Update from Weblate.
doc-742 [Anonymous contrib] Ajout du fichier .ocdata dans /media/stockage après avoir relancer le serveur nginx, sans lequel nextcloud ne veut pas démarrer.
yunohost-481 Move avahi-daemon to recommended, fix issues#1097 small work needed dying
yunohost-474 [mod] display backup location small work needed dying
apps-499 Update from Weblate.
apps-486 [enh] Add app logos to the official list work needed dying
install_script-45 Handle Prosody installation and remove metronome relics small work needed dying
doc-554 [wip] Preinstallation documentation medium work needed dying
yunohost-376 [fix] Do not modify the settings too soon in change_url small work needed dying
doc-541 Ajout dans la partie postinstall small work needed dying
doc-497 [enh] Add a YEP about sources.list management small work needed dying
install-app-4 Alternative I made for the badges(with colors)+ little change work needed dying
yunohost-492 OCSP Stapling small work needed
yunohost-344 Ajout d'un gestionnaire de disque/RAID en cli big inactive dying
yunohost-admin-143 Affichage niveau des apps dans l'admin small inactive dying
yunohost-196 [enh] Automatically check for weak password with cracklib medium inactive dying
SSOwat-60 CSS changes to follow transition effects guidelines small inactive dying
yunohost-144 Alter SSOwat conf output inactive dying
yunohost-335 [enh] Add optionnal recovery password when subscribing to nohost.me/noho.st inactive work needed dying
yunohost-294 [enh] Tools public key (#831) small inactive work needed dying
yunohost-291 [fix] Remove version from api small inactive work needed dying
yunohost-208 [fix] Domain default app small inactive work needed dying
SSOwat-70 Agentcobra skin patch inactive postponed work needed dying
yunohost-177 dns-conf is broken for subdomains small inactive work needed dying
yunohost-176 Mail aliases medium inactive work needed dying
SSOwat-62 Groups - basic app lists based on group configuration small inactive work needed dying
SSOwat-59 provide more details about apps to template small inactive work needed dying
SSOwat-57 [fix] Skipped url should be really ignored. small inactive work needed dying